Evergreen Can

Can Line Sensor DLU

Adjustable switch-on and switch-off delay - Ambient temperature 0 and +50 °C

Can Line Sensor DKU

Adjustable switch-on and switch-off delay - Ambient temperature -25 and +70 °C

Can Line Sensor IKU

Adjustment via teach-in

Can counting sensor DZU

For 0 to 6,000 cans/minute

Can Quantity Sensor DMU

Occupancy rate detection from 0 to 100%

In many ways, a can is something special. It serves as packaging method for the preservation and trade of food, it is tied behind wedding cars, or used by children as a tin-can telephone. Cans are light and practical, and opening is always easy.

As a sensor manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the development and production of sensors, we have set ourselves the goal of developing high performance and and cost-optimised sensors for the manufacturing and filling processes for cans. These special sensors are used throughout the world by many manufacturers of metal packaging for the food and beverage industry as well as for non-food products such as paint, hairspray or batteries.

En la sede de Elmshorn surgió hace más de dos siglos nuestro primer sensor de línea de enlatado según el principio inductivo, que controla la velocidad y el avance de las latas en la línea. A lo largo de este tiempo, Proxitron desarrolló el primer sensor de línea de enlatado con función programable integrada (Teach-In), que se ajusta automáticamente a las condiciones del entorno. Nuestro lema es «Prográmelo y olvídelo». Convénzase de las poderosas funciones de nuestros productos y accesorios para la adaptación de los productos de Proxiton en el proceso de fabricación de latas de dos y de tres piezas de todo tipo.

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