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Infrared Sensors (HMD) in Protection Tube

For installation in the roller conveyor, between the rollers.

Infrared sensors (Hot Metal Detectors) in high temperature protection tube can be integrated into the roller conveyor under the material, and are ideal when mounting above the rollers is not possible due to the plant structure or because of moving cranes.

A detection position quite near the hot material ensures accurate switching and reliable operation. The protection tubes are available in different lengths, with one, two or three optics, to meet the different application requirements, and also to offer different combinations for redundant control. Thanks to their integrated air purge and an extremely robust and maintenancefree construction, they feature trouble-free operation also with high material temperatures and heavy dirt formation.

The protection tube can be inserted from the side into the conveyor; this mounting method makes service or replacement possible also during operation - no need for plant shutdown. Belonging to the OX series, they can be parameterized in a teaching mode and offer the possibility to set different behaviors for multiple outputs, as well as an offset function with different response and switch-off temperatures, or an alarm function.

These sensors are equipped with a comfortable software interface to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

Application areas

  • Detection of hot objects

  • Material tracking on roller conveyors

  • Control of slabs, blocks and billets position at continuous casting

  • Material control during hot rolling

  • Activation of conveyors in hot areas

  • Material detection in dense environment (dust and vapor)

  • Strip detection in processes with spraying mists

Features at a glance

  • Robust stainless steel models

  • Systems with 1, 2 or 3 optics

  • Protection tubes in 1 or 2 m length

  • Integrated air purge connection

  • Variable optic position inside the roller conveyor

  • Service or replacement during operation

  • Response temperature 400 up to 1000 °C

  • Three switching points in one single device

  • Alarm for sensor overheating or dirt

  • Teach and test function

  • Fast response time (0,3 ms / 1500 Hz)

  • Extremely robust and maintenance-free

  • Replaceable fibre optic cable and optics

Protective tube systems with up to 3 optics systems

Optionally with 1m or 2m fibre optic cable.

1 optical system

Possible evaluation: 1 of 1

2 optical systems

Possible evaluation: 1 of 2,  2 of 2

3 optical systems

Possible evaluation: 1 of 3,  2 of 3,  3 of 3

Evaluation electronics for protection tube systems

Suitable evaluation electronics are available for each version (1, 2 or 3 optical systems).

Response temperature
Parameters setting
Standard function
Additional functions
Digital interface
Housing [mm]
Housing material
Ambient temperature

400 - 1000 °C
separate temperature settings for each output
teach, offset, alarm, test
330 x 230 x 111
70 °C

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