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Industrial Pyrometer OKS T GA S

Stationary pyrometers of the OKS series measure the temperature of object contactless and give an analog output signal. For the measurement on different materials several variants are available for temperature ranges between -40 and +2500 °C. The OKS series has been designed for control and monitoring tasks in different industrial sectors.

Application areas

  • Temperature measurement of glass surfaces

  • Material monitoring in presses

  • Process control in the paper or plastics industry

  • Temperature monitoring in the food industry

  • Temperature control of objects in furnaces or behind gas flames

  • Heating and air-conditioning

  • Electrical equipment, electronics

  • Road construction

  • Chemical industry

  • Furnace construction

  • Research and Development

  • Steelworks and rolling mills

  • Forging

  • Presses

  • Soldering, sintering and hardening

The key feature in selecting a pyrometer is its spectral range, as this must be related to the properties of the specific material and to the application. A pyrometer with wavelength as short as possible is recommended, if you want to achieve high accuracy.

Various optical systems ensure best adaptation to the object size. To avoid reading errors, it is necessary to choose a measurement spot that can always be completely filled by the object. The table shows for the different types how the spot dimension changes in relation to the object distance.

The incorporated LED light makes precise alignment on the object to be measured easier, as the light dimension approximately represents the measurement spot. For pyrometers without LED light we offer a separate Laser pointer.

All models are provided with a connector with 4-20 mA analog output in 24 V DC, 2 wire, current loop system. They also have a USB interface with galvanic isolation. A USB interface cable is available as option for stand-alone operation of the pyrometer without additional power supply. Through the multilingual windows software – associated with the interface cable - it is possible to adjust the measurement range and emissivity, as well as to display the temperature values in °C / °F, evaluate and record them. Also max and min. storage value and the measuring rate can be set. Separate connection cables are available in several lengths. A comprehensive range of accessories allows the adaptation to different operating conditions.

Software (Windows)

The integrated USB interface enables display and adjustment of the following parameters:

  • temperature display °C / °F

  • measurement range setting

  • emissivity setting

  • maximum value memory

  • setting time (95% time)


  • Temperature measurement between -40 and +2500°C

  • Accuracy up to 0,5%

  • Response time from 10 ms

  • Several optics

  • Robust stainless steel M40 housing

  • Ambient temperature up to +70, up to +200 °C with cooling jacket

  • Integrated LED light for alignment (depending on version)

  • Memory for minimum and maximum value

  • 4 - 20 mA output (2 wire 24 V DC current loop)

  • USB interface, with galvanic isolation

  • Adjustment of temperature range, emissivity and measuring rate possible via software

  • Windows software for parameterization, display, storage and evaluation of the measurement values

  • Extensive range of accessories

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