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Inductive Ring Sensors

Proxitron is one of only a few companies who offers ring sensors with a diameter of up to 270 mm. The smallest ring sensor of the product range has a diameter of 10 mm. 

Inductive ring sensors of Proxitron detect metallic objects in the ring shaped entry.  In particular the supply of small objects, e.g. nails or bolts is reliably observable.

The output signals of the ring sensors can be used to control, regulate, signalize or evaluate different processes. In many areas of industry ring sensors are used. In the automotive industry for example ring sensors help at the self-pierce riveting machines and in the production of pallets they are installed in nailing machines and monitore this way the supply of bolts.

As the output of the sensor is switched as long as a metal object remains in the aperture, the output signals can be very short if the objects fall through it very quickly. Therefore Proxitron Ring sensors are equipped with an optionally impulse extension to secure a reliable detection any time.  

A row mounting is possible due to a combination with offset oscillation frequencies. The series IKVS with small dimensions and an integrated shielding makes a row installation in the smallest space possible. Furthermore Proxitron offers several options of the Ring sensors, normally open or normally closed versions, different cable- and plug variants, customized solutions and analogue outputs.

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